Forma Spazi is also digital

Contents, solutions and digital live streaming

After the hard times of those last two years, we have decided to catch the opportunity and the drive for innovation.

So, Forma Spazi expands its places and expands into Forma Digitale: a space for courses and events that looks to the future, offering physical sales and above all, virtual spaces designed to provide the maximum in the user experience. Enhancement of technological infrastructures, creation of flexible digital environments for every need, new partnerships for the creation of the widest and most complete offer of live streaming solutions possible. These are the starting points for a new fascinating challenge that is constantly renewed. Explore our most successful formats.

Additional services

Forma Digitale integrates its offer with a series of additional services.

In Forma Spazi we are able to set up and host a part of the event with the professional video shooting of the speakers on site. Direction with software dedicated to live streaming. The creation of multimedia content and effects, such as custom animations and visuals, interviews and dedicated videos to be broadcast during the event.

The experience gained in this area allows us to offer partnerships with industry specialists. Among these, Linfa Digital and Stea Comunicazioni.


Protagonists of the pandemic, digital events have a high level of sustainability from an environmental, human and design point of view.

In particular:

  • They reduce geographical barriers: with a device and internet coverage it is possible to participate in conferences on the other side of the world
  • They favor the use of the event by participants with disabilities
  • They are more accessible, both in economic terms (it is possible to save travel and accommodation costs), and in terms of less time commitment due to missing travel
  • They have a much lower environmental impact: both in terms of CO2 (as seen above), and in terms of consumption of resources and services connected directly to the event or to the accommodation / travel of participants, suppliers and guests