Digital environments and live streaming formats

Digital environments


Virtual e-learning hub

A web environment dedicated to customers, graphically customizable and accessible via login and password, with the possibility to create one or more boxes, each corresponding to the single event, with indication of the title, date and time of the event. The user is therefore able to register and log in to follow the broadcast easily. In this environment it’s possible to enjoy verification tests, satisfaction questionnaires and Linkedin connection, thanks to the arrangement with an e-learning platform.


Event landing page

This web environment is a place where users can register to attend at the event they’re interested on and where they can enjoy it. The graphic interface of the landing page is customized, in line with the event from which it borrows content, title, visual, date and time and expected guests. The customer can access the landing page through a reserved area.


Digital workshop and Event Suite

In this environment the customer can create a personalized event in the published contents, insering videos, texts and images. In the same suite it is possible to set up multiple areas dedicated to programs or sponsors or speakers. The suite allows the creation of a networking, as well as the selected use of the same interface of one or more scheduled appointments.


Virtual webinar hub

This environment, dedicated and personalised on the customer, is divided into thematic areas and individual webinars, so that will be the only landing place for access to the different types of live streaming scheduled. Each webinar has a dedicated area with direct access through registration form, customized with images, texts, sample visuals and a program available for consultation


Live streaming format


Live streaming – Virtual room

This format provides for the live streaming of what happens in a Virtual Classroom. Users interaction, sharing of surveys, slides and documentation, use of an interactive whiteboard, sharing of the screen by the participants and preparation of public and private chats, creation of sub-rooms. These are some of the many features of the Virtual Classroom, which is perfectly suited to an e-learning system in web conferences, lectures and webinars. It comes from the customization of an open source system and allows the speaker to:


Participants can instead:


Live streaming – Event Live Streaming Light

Referred to as "one to many", this format is used for large-scale events. It is the live streaming of what happens inside a virtual classroom, in whole or in part. It is possible to restrict the transmission only to the speaker or speakers and to slides / contents that are presented.


Live Streaming - Event Broadcasting (or Live Streaming Pro)

Format defined as "many to many", this type of transmission is used for events with a large number of users. It provides the customization of the graphic layout and user viewing interface and allows speakers to:

Participants can instead interact in a prepared, dedicated and public chat and view the event in a TV broadcasting style.