Forma Spazi Academy

Training, work and social politics

Forma Spazy Academy is in the training, working and social politics fields to contribute to employment’s increase, to enhance human resources, to social inclusion and local development. The three lines of activities are the following:

Superior and Continuous Training

This activity includes patterns and projects of professional training in both its initial and superior parts. This training is finalized to qualification, re-qualification, specialization of employers and un-employers to contribute to quality and inclusive employment.

Certificate competences

This activity includes services of competences to contribute to the modernisation of education systems and professional training. Moreover, this activity aims to grant permanent knowledge and professional re-qualification.

Services for work

This activity includes offerings that aims to help people to be included in the work market.

Our Catalogue

A wide training offering

Forma Spazi Academy addresses to the following economic-professional sectors: public utilities services, IT services, cultural and entertainment services, financial and assurance services, touristic services, healthcare services, education services. The training offering is supplied both in presence or remotely.


Forma Spazi for the environment

We promote a cultural transformation in the way services are provided. Attention to the environment and social responsibility, therefore, through a series of concrete actions that can foster awareness of these major issues. With pride, Forma Spazi today makes available to its customers.